Abstract Deadline: Midnight EST, Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Papers may be submitted in the following categories:

  • Applied Research
  • Basic Research
  • Clinical Presentation
  • Innovation/Hot Topics
  • Regulatory Issues

Accepted presenters agree to register and pay the registration fee to attend the meeting. 

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 2018 Program Topics

Clinical/Translational Research/Biology
Regenerative surgery (ISPRES session)
Mechanical processing (Micronized adipose tissue)
Cell therapy clinics (Adipose stem cell therapies)
Clinical Efficacy Driven by Potency
Immunomodulation/Autoimmune diseases
Conditioned culture medium therapy
Wound healing/Angiogenesis
Acellular adipose matrix therapy
Asian surgeon/scientist session
International regulatory affairs
Technology development/translation
Innovator/scientist competition
Liver cirrhosis (clinical trial)
Fat grafting NEW devices
Aesthetic adipose surgery (Face/Breast/Buttock)
Reconstructive adipose surgery (Face/Breast/Limb)
International sponsored sessions
Adipocyte turnover
Adipose tissue components and their functions
Adipose endothelial progenitor cells
Adipose tissue extracellular matrix
Exosomes from adipose stem cells
Obesity associated pathology
Metabolic syndrome/Inflammatory cells
SVF Isolation (NEW technology)
ASC hierarchy

 2018 Confirmed Faculty

Mark Berman
Anne Bouloumie
Bruce Bunnell
Louis Casteilla
Steven Cohen
Sydney Coleman
Greg Evans
Hirotaro Fukuoka
Jeffrey Gimble
Mark Horowitz
Keita Inoue
Adam Katz
Roger Khouri
Brian Kinney
Yuren Kuo
Hee-Young Lee
Facheng Li

Ramon Llull
Guy Magalon
Keith March
Richard McFarland
Mark Penn
Nelson Piccolo
Peter Rubin
Gordon Sasaki
Luc Sensebe
Yoshihiro Sowa
Aris Sterodimas
Jeroen Stevens
Morikuni Tobita
Patrick Tonnard
Carlo Tremolada
Derrick Wan
Michele Zocchi