Welcome to the International Federation for Adipose Therapeutics and
Science (IFATS). We are the leading source for information regarding
adipose biology and related technology.

IFATS is a non-profit scientific society that promotes the exchange of information among bio medical researchers,
clinicians, bioengineers, and industry representatives. The Society does not endorse, certify, or otherwise
provide recommendations about any specific treatments or practitioners. Membership in the Society does not
involve a review of treatments offered by the member.



Dues are valid from July 1 2021 to June 30 2022

Member Type Annual Dues
Clinicians, researchers, and industry representative working or interested in fat applied technology or adipose biology


(e.g., Students/Residents and Fellows/Post-Doctoral Fellows) – Individuals still in active training programs
*must provide a letter verifying current status from school or program director

  • Discuss and share information with the most brilliant minds in the field of fat applied biotechnology
  • 80% discount on personal online subscription access to Stem Cells and Development
  • Help advance adipose biology, related technology and therapeutic applications
  • Author publication discounts in Stem Cells and Development
  • Reduced registration fees at IFATS meetings
  • Use of IFATS logo on your website and in your marketing materials

Stem Cells and Development Editor-in-Chief Graham Parker andIFATS President- Elect Lauren Kokai
at the 19th Annual IFATS Meeting share the recent IFATS Special Issue
"Scaling Adipose-Therapeutics for Osteoarthritis: Nano, Micro or Macro?


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