November 30 - December 3, 2017  | Miami, Florida, United States
President: Dr. Brian Johnstone
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Several videos are available from the Miami meeting. Simply click on the title of the presentation to view the video.

Keynote Speaker


Bernard Siegal, JD
Overview of Adipose Tissue Derived Stem Cell Regenerative Medicine


Guest Speakers

Aubrey de Grey, PhD

Mary Ann Chirba, JD, DSc, MPH 

Robert Marx, DDS

Abdolreza Zarnegar, PhD

Thursday Symposium

Paul Robbins, PhD

Exosomes and Cell Messaging

Industry Showcase I

Ricardo Rodriguez, MD

Biologica Technologies - Bryan Choi, MS

A Novel Allograft Growth Factor Derived from Bone Marrow Aspirate Improves Fat Graft Volume Rentention in Athymic Mice

Millennium Medical Technologies - David Angeloni, MS, PhD(abd), CLS

Introducing AcquiCell: Cell Acquisition Technology

Regen Lab S.A. - Ashley Twible

PRP® & Cell Therapy Specialists

Serva Electrophosphoresis GmbH/Crescent Chemical

- Johanna Mönch, Dr.

Tulip Medical-
 Randy Miller, MD
Industry Update

Lipogems - Laura de Girolamo

Next Generation Adipose Tissue Technology

Industry Showcase II

CAREstream American - Larry Wagner
CAREstream Product Portfolio

Shippert Medical - an Innovia Medical Company - Allison Therwhanger
The Science of Simplicity Taking what we learn from science to make simple, effective products


PRP Basic Science and Clinical Applications

Buttock Fat Grafting - Catastrophic Events

Onelio Gracia, MD